This is a List of Deaths in the Death Bell series.

Death BellEdit

Before the Events of the Movie -Kim Ji-Won - She was strangled by Hwang Chang-Wook, as Ji-Won finds out that some students' parents paid him to get their children had higher scores, and she was about to tell the Board of Directors about it.                                                                                                                                                            

1.Min Hye-Yeong - Drowned in an enclosed glass tank, that was being filled with water.

2.Mr. Lee - Killed by Ji-Won's Father (offscreen), after trying to escape of the school.

3.Sohn Dong-Hyeok - Killed by being suffocated with candle wax drops, then dropped from the ceiling to the gym floor.

4.Cha Jae-Wook - Killed by hundreds of cuts, then his mouth was stuffed with flower petals.

5.Yoon Soo-Jin - Killed by being put into a washing machine and someone (Ji-Won's father or Ji-Won's mother) turned it on.

6.Kang Hyeon - Stabbed many times by Cho Beom.

7.Cho Beom - Hit in the head many times with a rock by Hwang Chang-Wook, that lost control after Cho Beom kills Kang Hyeon.

8.Yoon Myung-Hyo - Killed by being dropped from the ceiling, head first. Originally, Ji-Won's father spill gasoline in the room where she was, and was about to set fire to the room, but I-na and the others appears before he can do it.

9.Kim Ji-Won's Mother - Strangled by Hwang Chang-Wook

10.Hwang Chang-Wook - Stabbed with a knife, then an axe, by Ji-Won's father.

Death Bell 2Edit

Before the Events of the Movie - Jeong Tae-Yeon - Ji-Yoon (that was drunk) pushes Tae-Yeon after she slaps Ji-Yoon. However, Tae-Yeon hits her head on a metal tap, dying.

Yong-ran - Killed by falling at the side of the tabletop with her face castrated.

JK ( Jang-Kook) - Killed by the motorbike rims with the tiny spikes.

Hyeon-a - Killed by the switching pill and made her poisoned and died dued to the queen.

Mr.Cha - Trapped and killed in the pit after the pit temperature reaches 100.0.

Miss Park - It is unknown if she's killed or injured by the bully and his friends.

Ji-Yoon - Killed by getting hanged when the students grabbed for the key to unlock the safe for sack of phones. After the timer runs out, Ji-yoon dies and unfortunately, all of the phones' signals were cut off, too.